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How to help

You can contact us at anytime regarding an opportunity to make a difference. Whether you wish to give your time, or perhaps a monetary donation, Poppy's Special Friends gives everyone the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Spread the Joy

You don't have to give anything to make a difference at Poppy's Special Friends. Just passing along our information and giving others the oppurtunity to be part of us is an important gift we appreciate.


To the Future
Poppy's Special Friends is dedicated to making lasting changes in the lives of our special individuals. We are a registered C3 charity and you can contact us at anytime to make  lasting difference in the life of a special person.

The Commitment

Our children are the future. Just as special people are part of Poppy's Special Friends, our special children are just as magical. This is Ed Kulich's new friend, Alicia Kotch. Whether it's time, or a monetary donation, you can be assured that your contribution makes a direct impact on their lives. Just look!

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